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Update Factory Platform

We provide an overview of the various services of the Update Factory Platform.

From the user perspective, main components are:

  • Management UI: the web user interface where the user manages devices, artifacts and metadata
  • Update Server: the backend that the devices interact with using either the Android Client or Linux client

Platform URLs

The Update Factory platform is available at different URLs, depending on the Tier.


All hosts used by the Update Factory Platform services match the * wildcard DNS record. This is useful to whitelist the Update Factory Platform services, in case a device is connected to a network that has some outbound connection filters.

Business Tier

The PoC, Expansion and Commercial pricing plans are part of the Business Tier, which is available at the following URLs:

Personal Tier

The Free and Development pricing plans are part of the Personal Tier, which is available at the following URLs:


Web Dashboard

To access the Web Dashboard, is required Multi-Factor Authentication. The system will email the registered user with a six-digit code. The code will be required by the login process to be completed.

Management API

If you use the Update Factory Management API, a different account must be created which does not require MFA. Authentication for Management API works with the usual standard HTTPS basic authentication. Permissions granularity for the Management API can be tuned on demand by the Update Factory team upon Customer security requirements.