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Rollout View

HOWTO video on Rollout View


Rollouts Management is a feature that allows managing software update operations for large number of devices. Using target filters the user can easily select a defined set of devices that will be assigned with a specific distribution during the rollout.

Unlike auto assignment, with rollouts the set of targets is defined when the rollout is created; devices matching the corresponding target filter in a later moment will not be targeted by the rollout.

Figure 1


Rollout Management is primarily used for updates upon larger groups of target devices.

Add (Plus icon)

By clicking the Plus icon on the top right, the user can access those parameters as seen below in Figure 2.

Clicking the Search icon will enable the user to query by any string inside the container.

The user can configure the following parameters for a rollout:

Name: The Rollout name (required)

Distribution Set: selected a Distribution Set which applies to this rollout (required)

Custom Target Filter: which filter (group of target devices) will this rollout apply to, (required)

Description: a description of the particular rollout, (optional)

Action type:

  • Forced: Apply the rollout immediately.
  • Soft: Apply the rollout upon user intervention at the target device.
  • Time Forced: Soft until a certain date and time, thereafter forced immediately.

Start type:

  • Manual: Start the rollout manually, (using the Play icon on the Rollout View home)
  • Auto: Start the rollout automatically upon saving.
  • Scheduled: Start the rollout based on a specific date and time.

Number of Groups (section):

  • Number of groups (field): automatically split evenly, all devices within the selected Target Filter.

  • Trigger threshold: The required success rate in % which must be met for the next group to have its updates triggered / started.

  • Error threshold: If the chosen % or Count is met in terms of devices with an error, the entire rollout will stop immediately.

Advanced Group Definition

  • for 1 - N groups
  • Define a target filter
  • Target percentage: percentage of units to update in the group
  • Trigger threshold
  • Error threshold

Configure Rollout

Figure 2