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Image Files

In this page you can find the pre-compiled images and update files for some supported boards. The images include the Linux update agent SWUpdate and all the resources to connect to Update Factory.

Feel free to download and flash them as detailed in the Writing Images page.

If you don't already have an Update Factory account, register for a free tier account to test our remote update delivery platform.

OS Images

Binary images for the supported boards in the .wic.gz / .wic.bz2 format with the matching .wic.bmap block map file.

Raspberry Pi 4 64bit - Model B - Double Copy

Raspberry Pi 4 64bit - Model B - Single Copy


Weston display server will not start at boot unless there is at least one input device (mouse or touch).

Update Files

Example .swu update files compatible with SWUpdate.


Apply only updates matching the OS image and board you are using.

Raspberry Pi 4 64bit - Model B

The following example update files will install a different boot logo: